Sign Making Process

How We Create Custom Signage at April Graphics

At April Graphics, the custom sign-making process begins with you, the client. That’s the best way we know to make sure that the signage you get is the signage you need and want at a price that fits your budget.

We learn about your requirements. We will ask you questions about what you need and what the signage will be used for. In many situations and at your request, we will visit your facility and recommend signage solutions that will work in your specific facility. We do not believe that “one sign fits all.” We advertise custom signage and custom signage is what we deliver.

We ask how the signs will be used. If a sign is indoors or outdoors, if it is in a reception area or a work area, if it needs to be portable, if it needs to change on a regular basis; these factors will affect the materials, size and design.

We work with you to determine your budget and your timeline. Our recommendations always work within your budget. We know that your satisfaction includes meeting your budget requirements. We also know that you have time requirements. It is important to establish time and budget early in the process.

We always provide a free quote.

We work with you to create a design. You may already have a design ready for us. Or you may have elements of a design that you want us to work into a design. Or you may want a completely new design. We can accommodate any of these scenarios.

We provide a proof of how the sign will look before we make it. You will have final approval before we manufacture your signage. Using computer graphics, we can demonstrate how a vehicle wrap or monument will look before the sign is made when it is still cost-effective to make changes.

We install signage. Installation is an important part of the sign-making process. It needs to be done right.

The job is finished when you are satisfied. Signage is important to you and your company. We know that. We want you to be completely satisfied.