How To Apply Vinyl


I. Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be considered dirty and must be cleaned prior to the application of markings. Recommended cleaning procedures for specific surfaces are listed below.

A. Plastics & Glass

Saturate a clean cloth with a 2 to 1 mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol and wipe the surface. Wipe the surface dry with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth.

B. Painted Metals and Base Metals

These surfaces must be cleaned with a solvent such as: E.I. DuPont Prep-Sol Cleaning Solvent 39195, Xylol, VM&P Naphtha. Dry the surface with a lint-free cloth before the solvent evaporates. Freshly painted surfaces must be dried one week prior to application.

C. Interior Painted Surfaces

Paint must be dried one week prior to application of markings. Clean the area where the markings are to be applied with a household cleaner such as 409. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

II. Temperature Requirements

Air and application surface temperatures must be above 40F for GSP 220 Scotchcal products and 55F for GSP 280 Scotchlite products.

III. Application Instructions

A. Use 1″-2″ (2.5-5cm) strips of masking tape to position marking in proper registry.

B. Apply horizontal tape hinge at the top of marking.

C. Remove liner entirely and allow marking to drape. Using firm initial squeegee pressure, begin at top center and work down and outward to each edge of mask.

D. Remove premask at 180° (pull back on itself).

E. Resqueegee entire marking.

Lift/Transfer Method

Place the Prespacing Tape adhesive side up on a flat, hard surface. Lay the cut copy (liner side up) on the tape and squeegee the copy to the tape with an applicator using firm overlapping strokes. Turn copy over (tape side up) and resqueegee.

Lay marking on clean, flat surface.

A small bend at a corner or edge will cause the liner to separate from the marking. Pull the liner away in a continuous motion at a 180° angle.

Note: Always remove the liner from the marking rather than the marking from the liner.