Large Format, Large Impact

Many advances have been made in large print technology and print substrate materials. Today’s modern sign shop like April Graphics can produce beautiful large prints to use as vehicle graphics, wall murals, floor graphics, pop signage, see through window materials, huge banners and more.

Large format prints have greatly increased the quality of large signage while, at the same time, lowering costs. Over the past 10 years, steady technological advances have enabled April Graphics to offer bigger and better signage at prices that fit our customers’ budget. Big signs are not just effective; they are cost-effective, too.

When you want the impact of a big sign, digital printing can reproduce designs as big as a billboard or the side of a truck. You can count on us for speed, resolution, print quality, color accuracy and reasonable price. You supply the design or we can create a custom design for you.

Printing done on a grand scale “Large Format Printing”.

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