Portable Signage

Trade show booths, Corporate meetings, Fairs, Expo’s anywhere you need to display information about your organization, Event Signs will help you get the message to your audience.

A trade show is a great opportunity to present your brand and your products and services directly to your target audience. Your trade show display can play an important role in drawing attention to who you are, what you do and how your company can help trade show visitors.

Retractable banners, Back drops, Table covers, Posters, Easel boards, Sho cards, Tent signs and Display booths.
April Graphics offers a wide range of products for your events and possibilities to meet your objectives.

Among the portable trade show display options are banner stands, pop-ups, counters and accessories. Tell us about your vision. We will work with your design or create designs for you – all within your budget.

April Graphics will have ideas for your next event.

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